After years of having many gym memberships myself, I learned an important lesson...

I got sick and tired of other gyms that were filthy, with bad customer service.

I got tired of shady pricing, and sleazy sales people.

And I had it with packed gyms, never getting to use the equipment I wanted.

So I set out on a mission...

I was going to build a gym with the world's most effective fitness equipment...

And an unrivaled level of positive member experience.

So I started out on the hunt for the equipment first.

In my 15 year search, I've stumbled across some rare gems that seemed to have "magical" muscle building capabilities.

What if I said that you could dramatically melt fat from your body with only specific pieces of gym equipment?

Just imagine for a moment, machines so effective, you literally feel your trouble areas getting leaner in the same day.

I spent a fortune snatching up these machines...

And they are the exact pieces I brought back to Miami Strong.

Truthfully, I was pretty shocked how easily these legendary machines even transformed first timers...

I have literally witnessed beginners shed pounds of fat by using the right equipment.

If Miami Strong was going to be considered The Best Gym Ever, we needed the best equipment ever.

After all, you've been looking for a way to change your body right?

Then you deserve the best equipment to do it!

Oh, and don't worry, I bought nearly 2 of everything, so you never have to wait for anything!

But I didn't stop there...

I was determined to make sure members had the best possible experience.

That is why the moment you walk through our doors, you can expect Forbes 5-Star service.

My team and I keep the gym impeccably clean, this way you always feel safe in the environment.

Plus, we're always ready to help with any questions you have.

With 100 5-Star Reviews, you can expect the absolute best at Miami Strong Gym.

- James Balaila


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